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Stickers Application

On this page we help you apply our graphics on your motorbikes.

Useful tips

Following these instructions step by step will be simple fun for you and you will also get an excellent result. How to attach dirt bike stickers

  • First remove the old graphics.
  • When removing them, some glue will remain in the plastic. To remove the glue, we recommend using a cotton cloth soaked in petrol or alcohol.
  • Wash the plastics with a degreaser or simply with soap and water, you need to wash the plastics even if they are new, then dry them well.
  • Always work with clean hands.
  • Apply the graphics at a temperature between 15° and 25° C.
  • Do not apply graphics using water or any other liquid.
  • If this is your first time, start by applying the simplest parts, such as swingarm and fork protectors, and leave side tables and shrouds for last, which are the largest and most complex pieces.

Application Method

Heat the adhesive a little using a normal hairdryer, just to make the operation easier. From now on, don't use it again because it could create bubbles.


Position the graphic by aligning it correctly on the plastic without removing the paper behind it, so as to be aware of its position.


Peel and fold an edge of the silicone paper (about 3/4 cm) on the back of the sticker.


Position the graphic by aligning it correctly on the plastic, attaching the first piece you peeled off.


When the alignment is correct, remove all the silicone paper from the back of the sticker and apply pressure following the lines of the plastic.


Attach the central part of the sticker by applying pressure with your thumb and continue sticking outwards.


If there are still air bubbles under the sticker, try pushing them out by rubbing your thumb on them, or puncture them with a pin and press down to release the air.


We advise you to wait 24/48 hours before taking the motorbike out, so the glue will dry perfectly.

PDF Instructions Contact us if you are having problems applying your sticker.
Download Instructions in PDF

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