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Who we are

Hyena designs and produces customized crystall graphics for all models of cross, enduro, motard, trial, kart and quad bikes. For some time it has expanded production for the motorcycle sector, also dealing with the customization of clothing, plastic kits , saddle covers, spoke covers and accessories in general. To offer ever greater services available to its followers, it also produces fluorescent graphics and opaque graphics.

Our Passion

The Hyena company is divided into two areas, a creative studio specialized in the Motorsports sector which deals with designing and creating customized graphics based on our designs or on customers' designs and a typographic area which deals with printing the graphic designs received from our e-commerce. Our business was born from a passion for motorbikes, we live between offices and circuits to always keep up to date, frequent and share our experience with our numerous customers.

Our Partnerships

For years we have established important partnerships with the largest manufacturers of cross and enduro bikes in the world such as Ktm, Husqvarna and Husaberg. We are authorized on a completely exclusive basis, in Italy and throughout Europe, to use their logo in the creation and marketing of graphics and personalized branded clothing. This declaration of trust confirms the high quality of the products and our work which day after day allows us to grow and retain more and more people in Italy and around the world.

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Official Licensed Product
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Chi siamo | HYENA - Grafiche Motocross Personalizzate

Hyena disegna e produce grafiche personalizzate in crystall per tutti i modelli di moto da cross, enduro, motard, trial, kart e quad.